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Whether you travel for work, pleasure or somewhere in between, the right products can transform a headache-inducing itinerary into a breezy hiccup-free journey. From traffic to jet lag to the squeaky wheels on your rolling suitcase, unforeseen travel circumstances can threaten anyone’s sanity.

Thankfully, over the years our editors have logged hundreds of hours testing all the best travel gear, determining which ones actually provide the smoothest journey possible. Right now, our readers can score exclusive discounts on a bunch of our top picks, from hard-shell spinners to supportive neck pillows to noise-cancelling earbuds and more.

While we can’t ensure your flight won’t be delayed, we can guarantee you’ll be better off with our tried-and-true travel essentials, now on sale for our readers during Deals Fest. Unburdened by extra stressors, you’ll be free to focus on your destination, or at least get some sleep on your way there.


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Experience first-class comfort anywhere (including the dreaded middle seat) with Cabeau, the maker of our favorite travel pillow. Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, Cabeau makes a variety of innovative accessories to help you relax en route — from comfy neck support to portable heating pads to compression socks and more. You’ll score 25% off any order over $20 with code CNNDEALS.

Our favorites from Cabeau

Best Tested

Dubbed by our testers “the Goldilocks of travel pillows,” this neck pillow offers soft support, plus a conveniently compressible body. 

Featuring an innovative chin support and seat strap system, Cabeau’s premium neck pillow offers an ergonomic build for improved posture and 360-degree comfort for relaxation anywhere, anytime.

The right pillow can only do so much. Whether you’re under the airport’s bright fluorescent lights or taking a midday jet-lagged nap, you’ll want complete darkness. Cabeau’s sleep mask contours to your face and includes ear plugs for extra sensory deprivation.

Improve your circulation on international flights, cross-country road trips and long days at the office. These compression socks alleviate fatigue so you’re ready to take on anything.


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For anyone interested in budget-friendly earbuds, EarFun is the name to know. The brand has consistently held the top spot of our best budget earbuds rankings. They’re renowned for good sound, great battery life and decent noise cancellation, without the prohibitive price tag. Thanks to our exclusive code, you’ll get close to 40% off your choice of the brand’s earbuds, both regular-priced and on-sale products.

Our favorites from Earfun

Boasting sound quality to rival the AirPods Pro 2, EarFun’s latest buds offer active noise cancellation and customization, plus long battery life to boot. In the world of budget earbuds, they’re a decidedly premium choice. 

Though not the latest model, these earbuds don’t skimp on premium sound, convenient controls and seven hours of battery life. Get all that, plus ANC and transparency mode, under $45.

Best Tested

The standard EarFun Airs perform better than alternatives at twice the price. If a lack of noise cancellation isn’t a deal breaker, you won’t be disappointed with these water-resistant buds that pack a four-way microphone and seven hours of playback.

EarFun’s mid-range wireless earbuds offer noise cancellation, multi-device connectivity and a useful companion app for custom control. Apple and Android users will find plenty to love in the Air S buds.

Mavogel Sleep Mask

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Whether you’re a city dweller, frequent red-eye traveler or want total darkness for your 3 p.m. siesta, our favorite sleep mask is a no-brainer solution. Essentially your own private blackout curtain, the Mavogel sleep mask features a genius nose wire that blocks any and all light. The cotton outer fabric is soft on the eyes and comfortable on the head, and the mask won’t budge during the night, even if you toss and turn.


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Whether you’re planning a quick trip to grandma’s or spending weeks overseas, you’ll need some sturdy luggage to streamline your travel. Thankfully, you can invest in some quality pieces — from suitcases to backpacks to packing accessories — and save. Our exclusive code secures an additional discount on top of the sitewide sale, so score some of our favorite affordable luggage at even lower prices today.

Our favorites from Samsonite

Best Tested

Our favorite checked luggage for anyone rolling on a budget, the Freeform boasts a lightweight body and smooth ride, plus useful organization and compression features.

Best Tested

Continuing the legacy, the Omni earned our top spot for best affordable carryon. Its polycarbonate shell is sturdy and spacious enough for any adventure, including racing from security to your gate.

Best Tested

We didn’t forget about soft-shell suitcases. We spent weeks testing a dozen options, and the NuRoad snagged the runner-up spot. It’s easy to maneuver, plus it features plenty of compartments and a TSA-approved lock.

If you’re a frequent traveler with a diligent skin care regimen, you know the importance of maintaining your routine on-the-road. Pack your essential liquids and gels in TSA-approved sizes, thanks to this set of six bottles.

Twelve South

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We all rely on our tech every day, for work, entertainment and even fitness. But even the latest and greatest electronics have their limitations. That’s where Twelve South steps in, to enhance your devices, fill in the gaps and streamline your habits. From compact laptop cases to cord management to charging solutions, Twelve South has got it all, including an in-flight companion device our editor says she’ll never travel without.

Our favorites from Twelve South

Our travel editor swears by the AirFly Duo, a compact device that allows you to enjoy in-flight entertainment via Bluetooth. Ditch the airline-standard buds for your favorite noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones and the hours are sure to fly by on your next flight. 

Apple is notorious for switching its charging ports with nearly every update, it seems. The solution? The PlugBug Duo, which universalizes your charger for your devices. Even better, the versatile PlugBug includes five adapters for international usage too.

If you’re an Apple Watch devotee, get the most from yours with the ActionSleeve. Whether you’re playing contact sports or simply find wristbands uncomfortable, you’ll be able to wear your wearable on your arm, without sacrificing any of the Apple Watch features you love.

If your laptop is taking up valuable desk real estate, look no further than the BookArc. Just place your MacBook in this stand, plug in to your external monitor and enjoy this sleek, space-saving solution.


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Amazon’s deals-centric sister site is offering our readers over a dozen exclusive deals that’ll prove retailer’s exclamation point is well earned. Score up to 70% off a variety of bestsellers, from AirTag accessories to apparel from the North Face to best-tested Beats headphones to powerful Shark vacuums and more. Plus, use code CNNWOOT5 for an additional $5 off at checkout.

Our favorites from Woot!

Best Tested

Our overall best earbuds pick, the Beats Fit Pro offer excellent sound, noise cancellation and battery life within a sporty and secure design.

If you're going to travel with an AirTag, you don't want to lose it. Consider this leather holder that will look chic on your bag or keyring and keeps your AirTag secure.