👋 Welcome to 5 Things PM! OpenAI unveiled a new artificial intelligence large language model designed to be easier and more intuitive to use. The latest version, dubbed GPT-4o, basically turns ChatGPT into a digital personal assistant that can engage in real-time, spoken conversations. OpenAI is trying to stay ahead of rivals Google and Meta in the highly competitive AI arena.

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1️⃣ Beach reading: Summer is right around the corner, and if your vacation plans include lounging by the water you’ll probably bring a page-turning thriller or a trashy romance novel to help pass the time. These types of books have become an unofficial genre all their own, and they’re almost always marketed to women.

2️⃣ Airline fees: Major airlines are suing the federal government over new rules that would require carriers to disclose all fees up front, including those for checked and carry-on bags as well as change and cancellation fees.

3️⃣ ‘Upcycled’ clothing: It’s surging in popularity thanks to the demand for streetwear and vintage products. But some luxury brands are pushing back because they’re concerned about their bottom line, brand image and counterfeit items.

4️⃣ Parental burnout: A recent survey found that more than half of parents were feeling overwhelmed by the pressure cooker of everyday life. Experts suggest adjusting your expectations and embracing the concept of “good enough.”

5️⃣ Ultraprocessed foods: These tasty nibbles contain additives such as flavor enhancers, colors and thickeners so they stay fresh longer and are easy to prepare. But just how bad are they for your health? Here’s what you should know.

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👀 Daring stunt: Two skydivers jumped from 3,000 feet up over the River Thames and became the first to glide through London’s iconic Tower Bridge.

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Daredevils fly through iconic bridge in London

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❗That’s how many applicants received acceptance emails from Georgia State University. Then they were told it was a mistake.


Breaking barriers: Harris reflected on her experiences and told a crowd in blunt terms that sometimes people need to take it upon themselves to create their own opportunities.

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💰 A new study from credit reporting agency TransUnion found that which generation is earning less and has more debt and higher delinquency rates?
A. Baby boomers
B. Generation X
C. Generation Z
D. Millennials
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🗓️ Tomorrow: Maryland, Nebraska and West Virginia will hold primary elections, while voters in North Carolina head to the polls for runoff elections.

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Atlanta native Ronald Yancey made history in 1965 as Georgia Tech’s first Black graduate, and there’s a sculpture on campus honoring his achievement. Nearly six decades later, he presented his granddaughter Deanna her diploma at graduation.

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