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Here’s what else you might have missed during your busy day:

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JC Olivera/Getty Images
Disney CEO Bob Iger attends an Oscars luncheon in February in Beverly Hills, California.

1️⃣ Disney battle: The entertainment giant and CEO Bob Iger prevailed in a high-profile fight against activist investors who sought to win seats on the company’s board of directors.

2️⃣ Trump trial: A judge denied former President Donald Trump’s motion to delay his New York hush money trial. ➕ Two investors pleaded guilty in an insider trading scheme linked to the Trump Media deal. 📹 Video: Tech expert weighs in on Truth Social

3️⃣ Taiwan earthquake: Rescuers scrambled to free dozens of people trapped in highway tunnels after the island’s strongest quake in 25 years. At least nine were killed and 900 injured. ➕ It’s a stark reminder of risks to the chip industry. 📹 Dashcam video shows landslide

4️⃣ CNN investigates: A week after the Key Bridge tragedy, civil engineers are pointing to a bridge near Baltimore’s harbor that may be vulnerable to a ship collision. ➕ The city’s economy was humming before the tragedy.

5️⃣ Egg prices: They have been steadily rising for months, and your omelette could become even more expensive as poultry farms deal with an outbreak of bird flu.

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👀 Dramatic rescue: A helicopter team saved a man clinging to the side of a cliff in California’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

01:22 - Source: CNN
Watch a helicopter team rescue man who fell 60 feet down cliff

Here are a few recommended reads for you:

$2.6 million

❗That’s how much one of the world’s earliest known books is expected to fetch at auction. The Christian liturgical book was written on papyrus in Egypt.


🏀 Going pro: LSU women’s basketball star Angel Reese announced that she’s leaving school to play in the WNBA.

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A fifth “Matrix” movie is in the works. When was the first one released?
A. 1995
B. 1999
C. 2003
D. 2007
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A Senegalese restaurant in New Orleans and a West Texas barbecue joint are among the finalists for James Beard Awards. Who’s hungry?

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🧠 Quiz answer: B. “The Matrix” premiered in 1999 and stars Keanu Reeves as a computer hacker.
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