From Jeffrey Ross/Instagram
Comedians celebrate Jim Carrey's birthday.
CNN  — 

As Jim Carrey himself once said, “It’s party time.”

The “Mask” actor did just that earlier this week at Los Angeles hotspot the San Vicente Bungalows, where he celebrated his 62nd birthday – and we can’t get over the guest list.

Comedian Jeff Ross posted an iconic, star-studded group photo on his Instagram page on Wednesday, which showcased Carrey – pulling one of his trademark elastic facial expressions – front and center amongst some famous friends in attendance.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel, comedic actor Adam Sandler and “Princess Bride” star Carey Elwes, plus David Spade, Howie Mandel, Bill Burr, Seth Green and Craig Robinson, among many others, appeared in the photo surrounding Carrey.

“The Laugh Supper,” Ross wrote in the caption on his Instagram page, which feels like a fitting description of what presumably was a dinner filled with laugh-till-you-cry moments, considering who all was in the room. (Can you just imagine?)

Spade also posted a photo of himself with Carrey and Sandler, writing in the caption, “Happy birthday to Jim Carrey who has made me laugh on and off the field so many times.”

Same, David. Same.

Actor Rob Lowe, who did not appear to be at the starry party, offered a comment on Spade’s Instagram photo, writing, “Too much talent for one room!”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise though that Carrey – a Hollywood icon who has appeared in some of the most beloved comedies including the “Ace Ventura” franchise, “The Cable Guy,” “Dumb and Dumber” and “Liar Liar” – would be able to host such a gathering.

And just remember, “party” is spelled “P-A-R-T…Y? Because I gotta!”