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Man captured on video jumping bench and violently attacking judge
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A Nevada judge was assaulted in court immediately after she denied a defendant’s request for probation, video from a Clark County district court shows.

Defendant Deobra Redden was in the Las Vegas courtroom Wednesday to be sentenced on a charge of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm, Clark County Courts said in a statement to CNN.

During the hearing, Redden and his attorney asked Judge Mary Kay Holthus for probation rather than time behind bars, saying the 30-year-old is getting his life back on track with a new job and plans to resume his education.

Redden said he is addressing his mental health issues and “trying to learn from my mistakes.”

Holthus then read the defendant’s criminal history aloud in court, which included “three felonies … misdemeanors, multiple DVs (domestic violence) … robberies, attempted home invasion.”

“You’ve got a lot going on, sir,” the judge told Redden.

Redden’s attorney told the judge he believes his client could successfully complete probation.

“I appreciate that,” the judge replied, “but I think it’s time that he get a taste of something else because – I just can’t, with that history.”

Seconds later, Redden shouted, “F**k that b*tch!” and ran toward the judge, leaping over the bench and attacking her. Redden tackled Holthus to the ground, and both disappeared from the camera’s view behind the bench, the video shows.

As others in the courtroom tried to restrain him, Redden screamed, “F**k you both!” and threw several punches.

The judge stayed on the ground for several minutes before standing up, appearing to say she hit her head. Holthus “experienced some injuries,” the initial court statement said.

By Thursday, she was back at work, but remained “sore and stiff,” Chief Judge Jerry Wiese told reporters.

“She is extremely grateful for those who took brave action during the attack” and thanks all of those who send well wishes, Wiese said at a news conference Thursday.

Holthus’ marshal was taken to a hospital for a head injury, and a law clerk also taken to the hospital for a hand abrasion. Both were released, according to Wiese.

Holthus was ”shaken up as most people would be – a couple of bruises,” Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said Thursday. “But I’m very, very happy that she’s OK.”

“We commend the heroic acts of her staff, law enforcement, and all others who subdued the defendant,” the court said. “We are reviewing all our protocols and will do whatever is necessary to protect the judiciary, the public and our employees.”

The court has met with its security contractor to bring in more guards and is assessing other updates to make the court more secure, Wiese said. Wednesday’s situation is uncommon, he stressed.

“This is a very unique situation that as far as I know has never happened before with somebody supermanning over a judicial bench,” Wiese said.

CNN sought comment from Redden’s attorney but did not immediately hear back.

Redden is now charged with seven counts of battery on a protected person and battery, according to court records. He was expected to appear in court Thursday but refused transport to his court appearance, CNN affiliate KTNV reported.

The district attorney said his office is reviewing evidence and plans to file additional charges after the courtroom attack.

Redden’s next court date is scheduled for Tuesday.

This story has been updated with additional information.