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Luis Rubiales leaves the National Court in Madrid on Friday.
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Carla Vall, lawyer for Spanish soccer star Jennifer Hermoso, reiterated that the kiss by ex-Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) president Luis Rubiales to her client after the Women’s World Cup final was non-consensual.

Rubiales was in court on Friday to testify after being summoned by the presiding judge to aid in the court’s investigation into potential charges of sexual assault and coercion against him.

The Spanish Prosecutor’s office said Rubiales answered questions from the judge and all parties and denied the charges.

Later on Friday, the judge gave Rubiales a restraining order to not go within 200 meters of Hermoso, nor communicate with her during the court’s investigation.

“The whole world could see it was not consensual. That’s what we’ll show,” Vall said after leaving the National Court in the capital of Madrid.

“it’s just the beginning of the investigation at court,” Vall added.

Rubiales entered the court on Friday morning with his lawyer, Olga Tubau, and made no comment to the media.

Earlier this week, the National Court announced it had admitted a complaint made against Rubiales by Spanish prosecutors for sexual assault and coercion.

The hearing lasted just under an hour and was closed to the media, but local and international crews had been waiting outside the court.

Rubiales resigned from his position on Sunday following weeks of pressure from all spheres of Spanish society.

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Rubiales eventually stood down as RFEF president after pressure from wider society.

How we got here

It all began when video from the World Cup medal ceremony on August 20 showed Rubiales embracing Hermoso, then putting both hands on her head before forcibly kissing her. He then patted her on the back as she walked away.

Later, Hermoso said of the kiss, “Hey, I didn’t like it, eh,” as she apparently answered questions about the incident in an Instagram live video from a celebratory locker room.

It would be several days, on August 25, before Hermoso spoke out again on social media after Rubiales defiantly refused to step down as RFEF president, saying, “I felt vulnerable and a victim of an impulse-driven, sexist, out of place act without any consent on my part … Simply put, I was not respected.”

More than 80 Spanish soccer players then put their name on a statement supporting Hermoso and saying they would not return to the national team “if the current leaders continue” in their posts.

Interim RFEF president Pedro Rocha then began to make moves as part of his “regeneration” of the federation, firing controversial coach Jorge Vilda and appointing his deputy, Montse Tomé. Rocha then vowed in a meeting with the president of the High Council of Sport, Víctor Francos, to make more “structural changes” in RFEF.