From Kris Tyson
Kris Tyson of MrBeast shared new photos of herself after six months on hormone replacement therapy.
CNN  — 

Kris Tyson, a co-host of the massively popular MrBeast YouTube channel, is beaming in a new selfie taken after six months of hormone replacement therapy.

Tyson came out as transgender earlier this month after sharing parts of her journey with hormone replacement therapy, or HRT. The treatment is prescribed to both trans and cisgender people, including menopausal women, who may undergo the therapy to reduce their symptoms.

“The physical changes aren’t the only things that have made me feel so much happier,” Tyson wrote in an Instagram caption, while sharing photos of her transformation. “The ability to get out of bed, ready to start the day, the desire to live my life to fullest again, and just being able to look in the mirror and see the woman I’ve always known was inside me finally starting to make her way in the world. Every day living your life your own way is the best day every day.”

In a July interview with Smosh’s Anthony Padilla, Tyson said that the treatment saved her life.

“I’ve really never felt connected to my body until I started taking HRT,” she told Padilla, adding that she’d been “fully confident” in her transition for over a year.

Tyson has appeared in MrBeast videos for over a decade, beginning when she was a teenager and befriended Jimmy Donaldson (the titular MrBeast, who has amassed 172 million subscribers on YouTube). Tyson assisted Donaldson with massive pranks and action-packed set pieces, but she said that her online fame held her back from coming out.

“It was really just the societal pressure (that kept her from coming out sooner),” she told Padilla. “‘You’re Chris from MrBeast; you’re the guy who starts the fires.’ I never really felt like ‘the guy.’”

Tyson said her friends were immediately supportive once she came out to them, and Donaldson has previously defended Tyson from transphobic comments online.

“Chris (sic) isn’t my ‘nightmare,’” Donaldson tweeted in April. “(Tyson is) my f**ken friend and things are fine. All this transphobia is starting to piss me off.”

Though Tyson has received support from her MrBeast compatriots, she and other online personalities like trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney have also been subjected to anti-trans comments. After Mulvaney shared a personalized can of Bud Light sent to her by Anheuser-Busch, notable conservatives, including Kid Rock, vowed to stop buying Bud Light and repeatedly misgendered Mulvaney. Tyson has reposted several tweets in support of Mulvaney.