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A general view of the Vesuvius volcano at Vesuvius National Park.
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The Vesuvius national park authority in Naples, Italy, has announced it will be closing access to the live volcano on Saturday, ahead of Napoli’s potential title-winning game on Sunday.

Should Lazio drop points against Inter Milan in an earlier kickoff on Sunday, the Italian side could win its first Italian league title in 33 years with victory against Salernitana.

Authorities became concerned after reports emerged of plans to use blue smoke bombs and industrial strength fireworks inside the crater, which has been described as a “fragile and intrinsically dangerous place.”

The volcano overlooks the city.

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Supporters burn flares next to a mock grave for a coffin in Naples adorned with the scarves of rival teams Inter Milan, Juventus and AC Milan.

“The Vesuvius National Park Authority has learned with great concern from the press of the intention of some members of the Napoli team fans to celebrate the imminent championship by organizing a simulation of the Vesuvius explosion, with an “invasion” and the lighting of tricolor smoke bombs on the top of the crater,” the park authority wrote in a press release.

The park authority said it “considers this initiative dangerous and impracticable as it would take place in the heart of the park …”

The Park Authority added that such celebrations would potentially cause “damage to people and things, and, in particular, to the flora and fauna of the Vesuvius National Park as well as to the structures and technological systems present therein.”

The commissioner of the park authority Raffaele De Luca also added, “We are all happy for Napoli’s victory which honors the territory and will bring great joy among the citizens, but the celebrations must be limited to what is permitted by the rules of civilized life.

“Vesuvius crater is a fragile and intrinsically dangerous place.”

The press release went on to say the Vesuvius police municipalities and the Carabinieri military police would provide a “massive garrison” to protect the entrances and access.