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Doja Cat calls out Noah Schnapp for sharing her DMs about 'Stranger Things' crush

(CNN) Doja Cat is not happy with Noah Schnapp.

The singer called out the "Stranger Things" actor for sharing her direct messages about his co-star, Joseph Quinn.

Schnapp shared screen shots of their private conversation in a now-deleted TikTok earlier this week. In the messages, Doja had written to Schnapp, "Noah can u tell Joseph to hmu [hit me up]. wait no. does he have a gf (girlfriend)?"

"LMAOO slide into his dms," Schnapp wrote back, but the rapper said she couldn't find Quinn's account.

Noah Schnapp plays Will Byers on "Stranger Things."

Doja Cat expressed feeling betrayed when speaking live about the iincident Thursday on Instagram, calling the move "socially unaware and wack."

"I made an assumption that he was gonna be chill about it and he went and shared information that I didn't feel comfortable with him sharing," she said.

Doja Cat, 26, chalked it up to Schnapp being 17.

"When you're that young, you make mistakes," she said.

Schnapp has not since publicly commented on the exchange.