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'The Last Dance' is ESPN's most watched documentary ever

New York(CNN Business) "The Last Dance" was the Michael Jordan of documentaries for ESPN -- at least in terms of ratings.

The network's docuseries about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls finished its 10-episode run as the most-watched documentary ever on ESPN, the network said on Monday.

The series, which debuted to big numbers in April, averaged 5.6 million viewers throughout its run.

"We are thrilled with the response from fans throughout the run of the series," Connor Schell, ESPN's executive vice president of content, said in a statement. "The past five Sunday nights have brought fans together providing the type of communal viewing experience traditionally reserved for live sports."

The series was also a hit on social media. It was the trending topic on Twitter for five straight Sundays, according to ESPN.

This is all welcome news for the sports network, which has had to scramble to fill its airwaves since the sports world was put on hold because of the coronavirus outbreak. The network announced not long after sports shut down that it would move up the docuseries to April from June in order to fill the void.

Away from reliving the glory days of Jordan and the Bulls, ESPN has used old games, studios shows, films and event programming like the NFL Draft to give fans something to watch as leagues decide if and when they can return to play.

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