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Brian May hospitalized after injuring buttocks in 'over-enthusiastic' gardening incident

(CNN) Queen guitarist Brian May has revealed he ended up in hospital after injuring his buttocks during an incident in his garden.

"I managed to rip my Gluteus Maximus to shreds in a moment of over-enthusiastic gardening," wrote May in an Instagram post Thursday.

"So suddenly I find myself in a hospital getting scanned to find out exactly how much I've actually damaged myself."

May, usually very active on Instagram, had not posted anything for several days until Thursday.

He updated followers to let them know his absence was not due to coronavirus, before saying that he had been quiet due to "too many demands" as well as his recent injury.

While May did not reveal how he had injured himself, he appears to have done significant damage to his buttocks.

"Turns out I did a thorough job -- this is a couple of days ago -- and I won't be able to walk for a while ... or sleep, without a lot of assistance, because the pain is relentless," he wrote, adding that he would be off social media for a while to get some rest.

"Please, please don't send me sympathy -- I just need some healing silence for a while," he said, before saying farewell to his fans and telling them to "take care out there."

May's representatives declined to provide further details when contacted by CNN.

Last month, May released a new version of the iconic Queen song "We Are the Champions" in support of workers on the frontline fighting coronavirus.

May, Roger Taylor and singer Adam Lambert teamed up to release "You Are The Champions," a new version of the classic song.

All proceeds made from the song will go towards the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization.

Queen and Lambert, who now sings in place of deceased frontman Freddie Mercury, were scheduled to be on the European leg of their Rhapsody tour, but the ongoing pandemic led the musicians to postpone the dates.