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Andrew Yang is riding a wave of support. Literally.

(CNN) Leave it to Andrew Yang to turn a political forum about issues concerning Asian American and Pacific Islander communities into something resembling a rock concert.

The businessman-turned-2020 Democratic presidential candidate shared a video of himself crowd surfing through a packed room at the AAPI Democratic Presidential Forum in Costa Mesa, California, on Sunday.

And the Yang Gang went wild.

"He trusts us with his life and we shall trust him with ours! #YangGang," one Twitter user wrote.

"Now this is what I call a Blue Wave," an Andrew Yang fan account added.

The forum was put on by the AAPI Victory Fund, a super PAC that focuses on mobilizing voters in the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Yang was among the featured guests, which also included 2020 candidates Tulsi Gabbard and Tom Steyer.

Yang talked about his views on affirmative action, the impact of climate change on Pacific Islanders, gender inequality and, of course, math.

Math is Yang's way of billing himself as the anti-Donald Trump. "The opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math," Yang has joked. His campaign has turned it into an acronym that stands for "Make America Think Harder," countering Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan. And members of the Yang Gang often sport blue hats with the word "MATH" across the front, a clear nod to Trump's signature red MAGA hats.

According to the Real Clear Politics national average, Yang is running around 3% in the poll. He has also qualified for both the September 12 debate and the October debate.

Only time will tell whether he can ride that wave of support to the nomination.