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Democrats cut deal to hear from White House counsel office insider, source says

(CNN) The House Judiciary Committee appears to have reached a deal with former White House aide Annie Donaldson that would allow her to not appear before the committee by a Monday deadline and answer written questions instead, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The testimony of Donaldson, who was chief of staff for then-White House counsel Don McGahn, has been of high interest to House Democrats given her first-hand knowledge of key events. Donaldson said she took copious notes, which the committee believes will bolster its probe into potential obstruction of justice.

The committee issued a subpoena in May for her testimony by Monday. But Donaldson's attorney and Democrats have discussed allowing her to answer written questions instead, in part because she is pregnant and lives in Alabama.

Under the terms outlined, Donaldson would be required to answer questions within a week and the committee would reserve the right to bring her in for testimony after November 1, according to one of the sources. She has yet to receive the written questions from the committee but will consult with the White House on which questions she can answer, the source said.

A committee source told CNN Saturday that since it's difficult for Donaldson to travel, Democrats are looking to make an accommodation for her.

Donaldson's attorney, Sandra Moser, told CNN that they are "pleased an accommodation has been reached at this time."

But how much information Donaldson will ultimately be able to provide the committee is another question.

The White House has claimed that current and former White House officials have absolute immunity, preventing them from answering questions to Congress about their time in the White House, as it did with former aide Hope Hicks earlier this week. The committee plans to take the matter to court in the hopes of forcing the aides to comply with their subpoena.

The White House has also specifically directed Hicks and Donaldson not to turn over any documents to the House Judiciary Committee relating to their time at the White House.

CNN's Caroline Kelly contributed to this report.