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A lawmaker beheads a chicken on Facebook Live to promote his anti-abortion bill

(CNN) He's compared abortion to the Holocaust. He's filed a bill to recognize an embryo as a person. He's proposed an exhibit of abortion tools next to the slavery exhibit in his state's capitol building.

Now one Missouri lawmaker is back in the news for a Facebook Live video in which he beheads a chicken and rips its heart out -- to announce his latest abortion bill.

In the video, Missouri State Representative Mike Moon cuts off the chicken's head and guts the animal on camera as he talks about going back for a special legislative session for the "primary purpose of supporting life."

Standing above the chicken covered in blood, Moon reaches inside the headless fowl, pulls out its heart and says, "I think we need to get the heart of the matter here. So today, I'm filing a bill that will lead to the stopping of abortion in the state of Missouri, and I hope you'll support it."

Moon's anti-abortion bill, the "Missouri Right to Life Act," states that personhood begins at conception, which would grant unborn children constitutional rights.

The National Abortion Rights Action League's was quick to respond, tweeting: "Rep Moon beheaded a chicken on-camera to prove a point. He's gotten pretty cocky about anti-choice bills in #MOLeg."

The jury's still out on how effective Moon's headless chicken stunt actually was.

One person who saw his video posted this comment: "That is so gross!!! I can't believe I actually watched that!"

To which Moon responded, "Just think how gross abortion is."